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MTAA 2014-28700

Hello there,



I'm a Registered Massage Therapist who is thrilled to have fallen in love with my career. The journey began back in 2010 at Academy Canada Career College, in Newfoundland. Since then I've also enjoyed becoming a sport trainer, Clinic Supervisor at Alberta College of Massage Therapy and having my work published in MASSAGE Magazine. 


I'd describe my practice as intentional. The pressure, techniques, areas included, treatment frequency and so on is for a purpose and tailored completely to you. I'm dedicated to continuously upgrading and seeking out new learning opportunities in order to provide the best care I possibly can for you.


Nobody spends more time with you - than you! This is why your input is immensely valuable to me. We truly work together as a team for impactful outcomes.

Everybody is welcomed here. My treatment room is my happy place and I can't wait to make it yours too! Thank you SO much for choosing me with your healthcare and self-care.

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